Shots Toys Automatic USB Rechargeable Penis Pump

shots-toysShots Toys USB Penis Pump (£64)

A new penis pump that combines innovative design with the incorporation of the latest sex toy tech to make this possibly the most advanced penis pump in the UK today.

Throw the batteries away – this penis pump is fully rechargeable from a USB connection.

This pump has been expertly designed to gently suck blood into your penis for an instant boost in size.  With regular use the pump may also give you a larger, stronger erection in the long term.

Doc Johnson Robosuck 3 Penis Pump Masturbator

robosuck-3Robosuck 3 (£49)

A penis pump and genuine male masturbator in one penis sucking device.  This sophisticated penis pump is also a genuine cock sucking toy, with several speeds that control the pump action/sucking motion, whilst your penis is engorged in a UR3 masturbation sleeve.

Bathmate X40 Xtreme Hydromax Pump

bathmateBathmate Hydromax (£219)

The best penis pump in the world is now even better.

The latest Bathmate penis pump has 35% more suction power than its predecessor.

It comes with no less than 11 different accessories for results like never before.

This penis pump is so sophisticated and efficient that just one 15 minute session a day should be enough to proudce long lasting results.  Having said that, using this thing is now so pleasurable, you may want to use it for longer and more often than that!

Classix Penis Power Pump

classix penis powerClassix Penis Pump (£14)

The Classix Penis Pump is one of the simplest but most effective on the market.  Small and portable, the Classix is the ideal penis pump for beginners.

The Classix has been designed for ease of use, maximum comfort, and effectiveness.  The rubber is strong and the case comfortable and solid.

Highly rated by satisfied customers, the Classix is possibly the best penis pump for beginners.

Lust Buster Penis Pump

Lust BusterLust Buster Penis Pump (£21.99)

Cheap but effective penis pump that also doubles as a basic masturbation toy in its own right.   The vacuum pump has a multi-speed control handle, whilst it comes with a vibrating bullet for adding to your own pleasure (rest it against the pump) or for sharing the ectascy with a partner.

One of the highest customer rated penis pumps at LoveHoney.

Automatic Rock Hard Penis Pump

Automatic Rock Hard PumpAutomatic Rock Hard Penis Pump – £65.65

This amazing pump from CaliforniaExotics has all the features you would expect from a good penis pump, but what seperates it from most others is the fact that it is fully automatic!

No need ever again to tire yourself out making your penis hard.  The Automatic Rock Hard does all the work for you.  And because it is automatic it feels like you are being masturbated or being sucked by somebody else, making it not only extremely effective in getting you rock hard very quickly, but something that can be used as a delicious sex toy too.

Travelling Mans Penis Pump Enhancement System

Penis Pump Enhancing Travel SystemPenis Pump Enhancement System for Travellers – £49.99

The problem with penis enhancement systems is that to work effectively they need to be used regularly over long periods of time.  In today’s world, in which most of us travel often, that means carting bulky enhancement kits around with us.  This especially designed system has been created to be compact enough for the needs of the travelling man.

The system itself is highly effective in its own right, with a patented release mechanism that means your erection is maintained even when the hose is removed.  This is the perfect and affordable system for those wanting to maintain their penis enhancement exercises when away travelling and unable to carry with them bulkier kits.

Precision Pump

Precision PumpPrecision Penis Pump – £24.99

The Precision Pump is another simple, easy to use penis pump that does exactly what it says on the box.  The pump has everything necessary to ensure the ultimate erection including a special silicone erection enhancer ring.  The pump cylinder is clear and has precise measurement markers for you to determine exactly how pumped your penis is!

Master Gauge Penis Pump

Master Gauge Penis PumpMaster Gauge Penis Pump – £34.99

A penis pump that’s easy to use, very reasonably priced, but has the features of more expensive models.  The Master Gauge actually allows you to measure the length of your penis after every blast of the vacuum mechanism.  You can even check the precise level of the vacuum pressure being exerted.  Yet so easy to use, you can operate it with one hand!

From a LoveHoney customer review :

I couldn’t believe how much more effective this pump was compared to my basic cheaper one. The results were quick and lasting, and I expect to make some real gains. The ruler on the cylinder will be a useful feature for monitoring that!

Glow in the Dark Penis Pump

Glow in the Dark Penis PumpGlow in the Dark Penis Pump – £22.99

An excellent, basic penis pump, with an 8″ length it will allow space even for big guys  (and even smaller endowed men might get near to 8″ after a few vacuum pumps of this thing).

Has the extra novelty value of a glow in the dark coating.  Like most penis pumps, this can be used as a straightfoward masturbation toy.  If you’re feeling horny in the night, locating this pump under the bed shouldn’t be too difficult.